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Literary Inspiration:
Teddy Bears, by Mirja de Vries

Do you carry a companion stow-away in your travel luggage? Maybe a childhood stuffed animal or a traveling gnome?

Paddington Bear ready for London!

Perhaps my association of teddy bears and travel began with a childhood reading of Paddington Bear. With his bright blue coat, jaunty red hat, and propensity for adventure, this teddy bear embodies the perfect travel companion. Whatever the reason, to this day I have a habit of always carrying a teddy bear in my travel sacks. (Yes, everything in my life does seem to be inspired by books. #LibrarianLife) I firmly believe one should never become too grown up to delight in the inanimate friends of our youth, but also, teddy bears make excellent travel pillows! Therefore, while the Wanderlust bug has struck again and it will be a few months before I am able to travel, I thought I would share with you some photographs of traveling teddy bears.

Several years ago, while passing through a Danish airport, I happened upon a book that I consider one of the most bizarre, and yet sweetest books on my bookcase. It is an English/Danish bilingual photograph album. Teddy Bears, by Mirja de Vries, (Amazon link) is an album of well-loved teddy bears photographed having tea, going on outings, and doing other such teddy bear activities.

Photographs of traveling teddy bears from the album Teddy Bears

This photograph album not only totally justifies carrying a teddy bear with me on my travels, but has inspired me over the years to snap photos of my various stowaways. Here are a few of my favorite teddy-travel moments.

Teddy in Quebec
Teddy Bear in Quebec
Teddy with tea in the garden
Teddy with tea in the garden
Teddy in the flower garden
Teddy in the flower garden
Teddy Bear visiting Teddy Roosevelt’s house

Do you have a companion that often travels with you in your luggage? Tell me about your stowaways and the adventures you’ve shared in  the comments below!

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