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I love books. And I have an incurable need to experience the world, both physically and from the comfort of my armchair. You too? Good, you’ve come to the right place!

A Suitcase Full of Books is a place for traveling bookworms and armchair adventurers to unite in discussions over books, travel, and everything literature. I’ll share tales of travel to literary inspired destinations, my latest reads, travel tips, and more. I hope you’ll find entertainment, inspiration, and a small bookclub-like community here. So grab a mug of tea, kick off your shoes, and stay a while!

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Paddington Bear statue, London

Paddington Bear statue, London

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Corfe Castle, inspiration for Kirrin Castle

Corfe Castle, inspiration for Kirrin Castle

Charles Dickens' London Home

Charles Dickens’ London Home

Green Gables, Prince Edward Island

Green Gables, Prince Edward Island

While cleaning out papers from a box labeled “Kindergarten” I found a page that asked, “When I grow up I want…” and in shaky scrawl below I’d written, “to own my own library.” Proof that from a young age, I knew my life would center around books. I just had no idea that the world would become my library.

As soon as I could read chapter books, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five mysteries quickly became my favorite. I imagined myself as curly-headed Georgina who rowed her own boat to her own abandoned castle. I don’t remember when I first learned that Corfe Castle was the real-life inspiration for George’s Kirrin Castle, but I made it my life goal to see Corfe Castle one day.

In the meantime, it was during a college class I found myself in a special collections library staring at a stack of Dickens’ original manuscripts that I decided to pursue archiving so that I could care for old manuscripts for the rest of my life. After earning my MA in Library School, and landing a job where I could live between the pages of the library stacks, I was in serious need of a vacation and decided it was finally time to book that dream trip to Corfe.

Standing on the grassy slopes of the medieval castle ruins, following in the footsteps of Blyton, I wondered where else books could take me. Since then I’ve followed Jane Austen from Bath to Chawton to Winchester. I’ve seen Anne of Green Gables’ Prince Edward Island. I’ve walked the halls of Charles Dickens’ London home. I’ve stood face to face with Paddington Bear, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. And even found out how King Arthur’s table ended up on a wall.

With the world beckoning, a new dream began to form. In 2019 I accepted a job as a programmer, a career switch that may someday allow me to work remotely, allowing for more frequent travel.

Walking in the footsteps of authors, connecting words on a page to real world places, visiting bookstores and libraries around the world, and finding ways to make everyday a literary life brings me inexplicable delight and I want to share it all with you!

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Tea at the Pump Room, Bath, England

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