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While the clothes and shoes I pack in my suitcase for each trip change, the items that go in my backpack stay pretty consistent. Here is the list of my 2019 travel gear. I’ve added links to items I use, love, and recommend. I hope you’ll find it useful next time you’re packing and perhaps will find some items you hadn’t thought of before!

*Disclosure: some of these are affiliate links. If you purchase something using an affiliate link, I earn a few cents at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting this blog.

First off, I’m using the Osprey Packs Nova Daypack.

Let’s talk POUCHES

2019 Travel Gear: Packing Pouches

After discovering suitcase packing cubes are LIFE CHANGING, I’ve also upped my backpack life by sorting everything into pouches. Camera gear, pens and notepads, passports, money, medication, jewelry… Everything in my pack is sorted into different-looking pouches which helps immensely with staying organized during the trip. I know exactly which pouch to reach for when I need something. Also, when TSA upends your bag, everything doesn’t go sprawling everywhere.

My favorite are:


Now that we’re all sorted, this year since I picked up vlogging my camera gear and electronics I carry with me have increased.2019 Travel Gear: Electronics


Here are a few more odds and ends I’ve found essential. Take a day pack or purse with you so that you don’t have to unpack/repack your carry-on to use as a day pack while you’re out and about. Print out confirmations and reservations and stick them in a folder just in case. This was a life-saver when we had limited WiFi or couldn’t speak the local language. Finally, I always carry a notebook and a water bottle.

2019 Travel Gear: Odds and Ends

Let’s Talk!

Did you find anything on this list you’re missing? Have I missed something? Tell me your favorite travel carry-on items in the comments below!

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