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While isolated from friends, dog envy was real. With perhaps too much time at home to research, I discovered the Cavapoo breed and fell in love. Unfortunately, it turned out that the Cavapoo, known for being a “low energy” companion and looking like a teddy bear, grew so much in popularity during lock-down that prices for the pups skyrocketed and waitlists grew to a year and a half if not more. Just when I figured I’d just wait to adopt one of these dogs when people started returning to work in offices and realized they’d made a work-from-home mistake… a Cavapoo was listed in the Alaska Dogs List. It was almost too good to be true. It was half the price of the national going rate and was ready to go home in the next two weeks! With no hope of being the first to call, we dialed… and two weeks later, Finn arrived at the Juneau airport from Sterling, Alaska!

Finn is always down for adventure (but falls asleep when I read out loud to him). So I thought he could help me take you to a few places around our hometown where a couple unbelievable dog stories have happened! First we’ll meet Patsy Ann and discover the children’s book inspired by her story. Second we’ll learn the tale of Romeo the Wolf and the effect he had on the Juneau community and its dogs.

Juneau’s Best Dog Tales Vlog

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Patsy Ann of Alaska: The True Story of a Dog by Tricia Brown and Jim Fowler (Illustrator) 

Purchase via Amazon | Bookshop

A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans 

Purchase via Amazon | Bookshop

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Read more about the Romeo display and why it’s Juneau’s worst kept secret.

Want to tour Juneau by book? Here are more Juneau book suggestions!

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  1. Well my kid is totally in love with your dog! I *wish* we could tell you are our puppy, but we don’t have a pet yet. (I’m waiting until all the humans are potty-trained.) All my favorite dog stories are from when I was a kid and will make the reader cry, oops, but “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Shiloh” are the two I reread even now.

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