Smoking Cauldron


“Raise your wand in the air, shout “Argleblargle!” and your potions master will appear!” Those were our instructions.

I was continuing my New York City wizarding themed adventures with an evening drinks, I mean potions, mixing lesson at The Cauldron NYC. We had entered a rather dimly lit bar through a door off of a historically small New York City street, which altogether had the feels of being anywhere else besides New York. Flamboyantly dressed individuals strutted around the pub and beer taps had signs saying “place wand tip here for beer”. You could have told me I was currently in a pub somewhere up Diagon Alley and I would have believed you.

The Cauldron NYC Professor
The Professor pours our drinks at The Cauldron NYC

After presenting our lesson registration at the bar, we were directed up the staircase which was decorated in deep purple shades with hanging fake flower strands. From this whimsical magical herb garden we emerged at another bar counter, but this one was surrounded by booths filled with witches and wizards in pointy black hats. We were escorted to our own booth where we found on the table our own witch hats and a fairy house. After promising not to set off any errant spells, or take it home, we were presented with a wand.

Ready to mix potions at The Cauldron with hats and wand
Ready to mix potions with our witch hats, wand, and fairy house

Using a different type of magic, we scanned a QR code and pulled up the potions menu on our phone. We were offered a choice of mead or fruity cocktail while we decided which 2 potions we would mix off the menu. We selected Botany Brew and Blood Boiling Curse.

Potions Menu at The Cauldron NYC

“Argleblargle!” we shouted loudly with our wand raised in the air! Our potions master appeared with a wooden crate filled with all the instructions, equipment, and ingredients we needed to make our first cocktail, I mean potion. One by one we added liquids to our cauldron and stirred as directed.

Botany Brew ingredients and equiptment
Our Botany Brew crate of ingredients and equiptment

Direction #6 instructed us to summon the Potions Master and request Fairy Dust. Again we lifted our wand in the air and shouted!


Our Potions Master returned and dropped some dry ice, I mean fairy dust, into our cauldron. We stirred as the cauldron frothed and smoked. When it finally stopped we strained the mix, poured it into glasses, and took our first sips. We weren’t quite sure what effect the potion we’d brewed was supposed to have.

Botany Brew
Botany Brew

The Blood Boiling Curse was even more fun! For this one we found out what the Fairy House on the table was for. Before we started adding ingredients to our mason jars, we had dropped a magnetic gear shaped mixing wheel in the bottom. When it came time to stir our concoction, we placed it on the platform of the fairy house, pointed our wand at the spot indicated by a symbol, and the liquid began to spin!

The Cauldron Fairy House
Mixing our drink with the fairy house

When this step was done, we summoned our Potion Master once again (“Argleblargle!”) to ask for the final magical ingredient. With a flourish our Potion Master added the last ingredient and our glasses began to bubble over! I had no idea what this red potion would do to me if I drank it, but I popped my straw in and sucked up a sip of slightly sweet, sour liquid.

Drinking our second potion at The Cauldron NYC
Drinking the finished Blood Boiling Curse

At this point I was pretty sure I was ready for Advanced Potion Making class at Hogwarts. Good thing I had picked up my Hogwarts acceptance letter earlier!

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