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This year I was supposed to pass through London on my way to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath and I’d hoped to spend a full day indulging myself by splurging on some wizardly type activities. Needless to say, this trip has been postponed. Thus, here’s how my Harry Potter themed day might have gone…

Please note my continued love of all things Harry Potter in no way relates to certain views the author has recently expressed on Twitter.

First, Acquire Wizard-Day Attire – Kings Cross Station 9 ¾ Shop

Just as Harry and his schoolmates started each year with a trip to Diagon Alley for the proper attire, we wizard-wanna-bes must be properly attired for our journey. Thus, lacking the password to access the wizard shopping street in London, the first stop of the day will be to The Harry Potter Shop at 9 ¾ in Kings Cross Station to acquire an article of clothing and/or accessory that may be worn for the day.

Harry Potter Cardigan
Gryffindor cardigan acquired. Ready for a wizard themed day!

Second, Shop for School Supplies – House of MinaLima

After finding the proper attire, a wizard next heads to another shop to find school supplies. Thus the next stop will be to the gallery and shop of the House of MinaLima. Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the graphic designers behind the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. The House of MinaLima is their studio where many familiar graphic designs including spell book covers and the famous Hogwarts Letter are on display. The gallery shop sells art prints, journals, cards, and other paper goods with the recognizable prints on them. Here I’d pick up a paper good before continuing on with the day.

Harry Potter day stop 2: MinaLima fireplace letters
Hogwarts letters display at MinaLima

NOTE: The House of MinaLima moved locations in London Sept. 1, 2020

Third, Tea Time & Transportation to School – Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

While perhaps not purple, three stories, and doesn’t have beds, if one stretches the imagination, the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is kind of like the Knight Bus. Or as close as a Muggle can get in London. At any rate, after all the shopping, it’s probably tea time anyway, so I’d hop aboard this classic London red double decker bus and sip tea (or something a little stronger) and munch on tea sandwiches and petite desserts while driving by London’s famous sites.

→ Check out this Vlog from Flying the Nest to see the Harry Potter inspired pub and this high tea bus experience (bus starting at 8:46)

Fourth, Potion Lessons – The Cauldron Pub

After some down time in the early evening, it’s time to head to potions class, I mean the pub. The Cauldron pub, for a potion making experience. Upon entering you’re given a cloak, wand, and instructions for mixing your own cocktails.

Check out this post from Books and Bao to read about their Cauldron experience

→ Check out this vlog from the Travel Beans to see their Cauldron experience

Fifth, Wizard Chambers – The Georgian House Hotel Wizard Rooms

Finally, it’s time for bed and what better place to stay than in accommodations fit for a wizard? I’d stay in one of the Harry Potter or Wizard themed rooms in London’s Georgian House hotel.

Check out this post from Books and Bao about their stay at the Georgian House Hotel

→ For a virtual tour of the rooms check out this vlog from Travel Yourself of the Harry Potter Rooms of the Georgian House Hotel

Other London Harry Potter Themed Activities

Let’s Chat!

Have you been to any of these attractions in London? Is London on your bucket list for when we can travel again? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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