20152015 was overall so much better than the two years prior that it’s hard to say goodbye. This was a year of a travel dream come true and New Years resolutions I’m counting as kept.

January 1, 2015 I opened to the first page of a brand new, blank, journal just waiting to be filled with adventure and wrote a resolution.

I plan to write every day. Or at least more consistently. Ok…so I didn’t write every day. But I DID faithfully record every day of each trip we took. Which consequently inspired me to start this blog. It may not be the same as consistent every day journal entries, but it’s a lot more fun. So I’m counting this resolution as a win.

helloSpeaking of travel…

I finally got to take that trip to Corfe Castle and the Ginger Pop Shop in Dorset I’d been dreaming about since the day I learned Enid Blyton based her setting of my favorite children’s book series on an actual place! And as a bonus, totally changed my opinion of London for the better. It is not actually the dirty, smelly city I remember from my first trip there. It’s a vibrant city full of too many things to see and do! Extra bonus, I fell in love with the Dorset countryside and found a new favorite tea there- which is always a plus for a librarian.

englandcollageBesides our one big trip there was a non-book related trip for a wedding. Although Vegas and National Parks had not been on my to-go-anytime-soon list, we had a blast and I’m glad I went.

UtahCollageThen there was the short work trip to Sitka during which I remembered I actually do like my day job very much.

sitkacollageAnd then there were the friends and family that came to visit us! Our summer visitors always have a knack of reminding me why I love where I live. Our visitors enthusiasm for the eagles and bears and the hiking trails and the  boating… reminds me we live in a unique place that I need not be so keen to run from.


My next resolution:

I’m going to do Pilates every day. Guess what? Nope. Didn’t do that. However, I did manage to do exercise every day for at least 2 weeks of each month. The evidence can be found on the Instragrams. So considering I did manage to exercise somewhat consistently every month, I’m counting it as a resolution mostly maintained.

exercisecollageMy goal for the coming year is to up it to at least 3 weeks of each month. Working with the Blogilates program has been fun and rewarding. The program is free, found on Youtube, I can do it in the comfort of my own living room and on my own time. Without the pressure of a room full of people watching me struggle, being able to pause when I need to, and being able to exercise at 10 at night if that’s when my schedule allows, I’ve found I’ve grown stronger and gained endurance. Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates, sets a calendar each month with the youtube videos to follow each day for about an hour of exercise a day. The other great thing about this program is you can take it with you anywhere! All you need is enough floor space for a yoga mat and youtube connectivity. I’ve been able to take her workouts with me on trips!

Blogilates in a slot canyon
Blogilates in a slot canyon!

If you’re looking for a little exercise motivation or want someone to cry over workout pain with, join me on Instagram!

Speaking of Instagram…

You can find many of my #librarianlife moments on Instagram. Meanwhile, the Twitter has so far been more devoted to travel.

So with that it’s on to 2016 and a little more about that #librarianlife…

This year there will be a couple trips to visit relatives in Washington D.C. with hopefully some weekend trips to neighboring locations. Travel will be limited by my work because we’ll be opening a brand new museum/library building this summer and we are all working really hard to prep for the opening!

Hardhat in the stacks
Hardhat in the stacks #librarianlife

This means we can look forward to more book reviews, ways to soothe wanderlust while stuck at home, and travel memories here on the blog!

I hope your year is off to a good start so far! Let’s make this year a great one!

What are you looking forward to most this year? Do you have any realistic New Years resolutions? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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