After not sleeping well, a shower with little warm water, and even less water pressure, I felt the day might still be saved by a full breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and pancakes, and a peaceful setting where I could gently wake up over a cup of black breakfast tea. It was when we opened our hotel room door to our first day in Vegas that I realized one could go days without seeing the outside world here! It seemed the inside of all the Vegas hotels were dark and smoky, and the ambiance of restaurants came second to the casino floors. This was not the type of place I could sit outdoors in the warm breeze and enjoy a quiet continental breakfast. With this in mind, we set out in search of breakfast. Seeing nothing appealing inside the MGM, we thought we’d try the New York New York hotel. Luckily, we accidentally took the wrong street overpass and ended up at the Tropicana hotel. Instead of turning around we decided to check out the breakfast options since we were there. I could not believe my luck when we found exactly what I had been hoping for! The Tropicana had a restaurant serving breakfast that had outdoor seating on a porch near the pool! I breathed deeply as we stepped outside, away from the interior’s stale smoky air. We were given a table still in the shade, as the sun hadn’t risen over the top of the casino’s hotel tower yet. The breeze was light and warm, small birds hopped around us looking for scraps, and as the area is enclosed by hotel grounds, the street sounds were negligible. I put away an entire order of eggs, hash browns, and cinnamon roll pancakes, as well as the black tea. It was delicious. Feeling renewed, I was ready for the day.

Our breakfast view at the Tropicana.

Needing to walk off our breakfast, we walked the two miles to the Caesars Palace casino/hotel because I wanted to window shop the high end stores of its mall. These are stores I imagine one could win big in the casino and still only afford one item from any one of the stores. As we strolled by Gucci, Burberry, and UGG, I couldn’t help noticing that we were walking a dimly lit cobblestone road and above us was a curved ceiling painted sky blue with white clouds. Although you might never see the real outside in Las Vegas, at least they simulate it inside…

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