Travel Dreams & Kindred Spirits

Isn’t it funny how we still celebrate birthdays long after people are gone? Today Google reminded us that it would be the 141st birthday of L. M. Montgomery, and if there are any deserving of posthumous celebration, the woman who gave us Anne of Green Gables is high on my list.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”

~L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The lessons she imparts to us through her lovable red-headed orphan are timeless. Making friends in a new place has always been slightly challenging for me, being the nose-in-a-book type. However, upon returning home after years away at school I found it particularly difficult, and not for lack of trying. I began to seriously doubt Anne’s optimistic idea of “kindred spirits” that had carried me through life since first delving into the Green Gables series at a young age. Wondering if I’d missed something, I reread Anne of Green Gables. Nope. She was just as I had remembered, cheerful, creative, and impossibly optimistic. I wanted to run away somewhere I could feel that way. And clearly that place is Prince Edward Island. I started planning. And you know what? I felt happier. And along the way, I made friends! Anne was right, Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I thought! I even found enough kindred spirits to have a girls night in the wake of the death of the actor who played Gilbert Blythe! We watched the Megan Follows film adaptation while sipping homemade raspberry cordial. (I’m so lucky to have a very understanding boyfriend who also happens to be a master of cooking!)

Anne of Green Gables girls night complete with raspberry cordial
Anne of Green Gables girls night complete with raspberry cordial

Prince Edward Island is still top of my list for my next vacation. I want to visit in the summer when the flowers are blooming. I want to see the beauty and feel the rapture Lucy Maud Montgomery portrayed in her books through Anne’s expressive nicknames. To ride along the White Way of Delight, and walk along Lover’s Lane. During my research I’ve come up with a list of Anne Related sites I definitely want to see:

  1. I want to stay at the Kindred Spirits Country Inn and Cottages. I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in a place named as such?? They also claim to provide an Anne package of tours and are located near the heritage sites.
  2. I want to hike on the trail called Lover’s Lane, which I’ve read is right behind the Green Gables house.
  3. While I passed on carriage rides around Philadelphia and Boston, I certainly wouldn’t pass up Matthew’s Carriage ride!
  4. And of course the Green Gables Heritage Place
  5. Also, the L. M. Montgomery’s birth house contains Montgomery’s original manuscripts! Excuse me while the archivist in me geeks out!
  6. And finally, the Museum and Shining Waters Craft Shop & Tea Room sounds like it’s just up my alley!

And did I mention there’s also a lighthouse, and beaches, and the Lake of Shining Waters water park?

I can’t wait until this dream becomes reality!
Have you been to Cavendish, PEI? Do you want to go? Have you also found lessons from Anne applicable today? Tell me about it below in the comments!

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