6 Literary Travel Guides To Help You Plan Your Next Vacation

Six Literary Travel guides that will help you plan your next vacation to your favorite author’s house or the setting of your favorite novel!

Not Following Shackleton to Antarctica

This week I received my first blog-related email! It arrived in broken-English (always a red flag), from Oceanwide Expeditions, a company that had found my blog and was offering me a chance to win a…

Book Review: French Milk by Lucy Knisley

After reading Lucy Knisley’s graphic novel travel log Here at Hogwarts (read my review of it here), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another. I was so fascinated by the idea of a travel log in comic form! As Paris has been high up on my re-visit list since the first time I visited (I mean, can you really EVER spend enough time in Paris?) I picked up Knisley’s French Milk.


Book Review: Here At Hogwarts, A Graphic Novel Travel Log

Review of Lucy Knisley’s Here at Hogwarts, a graphic novel travel log of her experience at the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Orlando.

Author Footsteps: Bill Bryson was Right about Dorset

I wanted to spend my time exploring Corfe Castle, strolling along the path atop the white chalk cliffs, and finding out if Swanage was still just as Bryson had described.

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