Rain, Rain Go Away, or We’ll Visit More of Amsterdam’s Museums Today

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Now I know what you’re thinking. “You went to more museums?? Hadn’t you exhausted all the museums in Amsterdam by now?” Well, no. There’s always more. But bear with me.

A Search for Clarity at the Anne Frank House

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The Anne Frank House Museum is not a place I ever imagined I’d visit unless I happened to find myself in Amsterdam. Well, here I am in Amsterdam and last night’s events made visiting this museum seem more imperative and more daunting at the same time.

Step into Old Holland at Zaanse Schans

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I reread The Wheel on the School, hoping it would shed some light on the culture of Holland. What I realized is that the small town of fishermen and their families, although fictional, was a great representation of rural Holland in the early 1900s… not exactly the experience I would find today in Amsterdam.

Love & Vermeer in Delft

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Explore the life and techniques of the painter Johannes Vermeer at the Vermeer Centrum in his hometown of Delft, Holland.

Royal Delft Blue Pottery & Holland’s Favorite Bunny

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You know that tea set your grandmother has? The porcelain white one decorated with images painted in blue- probably windmills? The one she won’t let you touch because God-forbid you might break something? Yeah that…

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