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One year ago today my dream of owning my own library came true- I installed an Impact Fund Little Free Library in my neighborhood. Inspired by the Instagrammer @theroamingreader’s #PostItNoteProject, I’ve encouraged readers to leave notes inside the books they leave for the next reader, so for a one-year anniversary treat, here are some of the notes from the Little Free Library from this past year.

Notes from the Little Free Library box
I’ve left sticky notes and a pen in the Little Free Library to encourage readers to leave a note to the next reader in the front of the books they leave.

This first one was actually left on my front door for me to find when I came home one day soon after the Little Free Library opened. I found it rather funny. I’m hoping this child has changed his/her mind over the last year?

Note from the Little Free Library
Note reads, “I hate the Little Free library. I hate reading. No reading No No No”

The answer to the next one is YES!

Little Free Library Note
Note reads, “I [heart] Books Do You?”
I hope this book keeps traveling!

Little Free Library Note
Note reads, “This book has been with me in 5 cities across the U.S. Hope you enjoy it like I did!!”

A new neighbor moved in! Welcome, Sidney!

Little Free Library Note
Note reads: “Hi! My name is Sidney and I just wanted to say that I love reading and little librarys.”

And finally, I think we can all agree:

Little Free Library Note
Note reads, “Books are a Doorway to Magic. Enjoy!”

I want to thank all the family and friends who have donated books to the library, however, there has been a request from some of the neighborhood children (ages 4-11) for more children’s books that they can read. If you’d like to donate a book along with a note inside to the next reader, please send me an email for more information!

Little Free Library Note
Note reads, “For your young neighbors :)”

Let’s Talk!

Are you a Little Free Library steward? Do you use Little Free Libraries? Have you ever found a hand-written note in a book? Tell us about it in the comments!

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