Do you ever wish you could step right into your book? Yes? Oh good, you’re in the right place! I was worried for a moment it was just another #librarianproblem! With a little imagination and a little craftiness, you’ll be stepping Through the Looking Glass in no-time! While it wouldn’t normally occur to me to want to punt hedgehogs with flamingos or party with a life-size deck of cards, when my bff (also a librarian) and I were looking at a belated combined-summer birthday party, it just seemed right to do it literary-style. And anyway, how else would you throw an Unbirthday? So let me share with you some ideas for throwing your own Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Mad Hatter Tea Party on the Lawn
Happy Unbirthday To Us!

With a little help from Pinterest, I went all out with the decor. If you’re going to do a theme, I figure you should do it justice.


Mad Hatter Tea Party Signage

Queen of Hearts Croquet

Mad Hatter Tea Party Croquet
Flamingo Mallets, Card Hoops, and a Cheshire Cat!
Mad Hatter Tea Party Croquet

Table Decor

Twinkle Twinkle Little Mouse
(Pattern for the Wee Mouse found at the Knitted Toy Box)

Mad Hatter Tea Party Mouse in a teapot
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Mouse…”

Painting the roses red…
(Pattern and instructions for paper roses found here.)

Mad Hatter Tea Party Red Roses
Painted Flowers


Take a bite, never know what might happen…

Mad Hatter Tea Party Food
Take a bite, I dare you.

Edible Meringue Mushrooms
What??? I know. My bff is a wizard in the kitchen!
(Recipe for Meringue Mushrooms)

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