Kuthodaw Pagoda, the Biggest Book in the World

The very last outing of our Myanmar River Cruise with Kara and Nate was to Mandalay’s Kuthodaw Pagoda. We were told this pagoda holds the biggest book in the world! It turns out that the book is actually comprised of a set of 730 stone tablets, each contained in its own shrine. Each slab has writing on both sides, and all together make up the entirety of Theravāda Buddhism’s religious canon.

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We were told during our tour that the Guinness Book of World Records names Kuthodaw Pagoda as the Largest Book in the World. After a quick checkin with Google later, I found this is is incorrect, the current record belongs to a book in Dubai, UAE. However, several online sources still call Kuthadaw Pagoda the biggest book in the world.

Whether it is or is not the biggest book in the world, it was still an interesting outing, and I hope you enjoy the vlog!


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  1. It makes me wonder how different books would be handled like this in different cultures. The Odyssey on tablets in mini Greek temples with the Parthenon in the center? Each page of “Little Women” placed in a mini New England barn with Orchard House in the midst of it all?

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