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Are you an actual Zoom background kind of person or a virtual Zoom background kind of person? Either way, let me help you out! It has come to my attention, via this Politico article about curated bookshelves for Zoom backgrounds, and an article about Ikea providing photos of office (and other rooms’) interiors for virtual backgrounds, that curated home office and library zoom backgrounds are in demand.

Having recently changed full-time jobs to a workplace that has camera-on meetings, I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit decorating the walls of my work-from-home office/library to a perfectly Instagramable point. I don’t know about you, but I’ve become obsessed with peeking at the interior of other people’s houses while on Zoom, and I’m sure others are doing the same. So why not give them fun things to look at to distract us all from judging how big our noses look on camera? Just me? I swear I’ve never looked at my own face so much!

If you’re a virtual background kind of person, feel free to download the full size versions of the photos below and zoom along on your way. If, however, you’d like to incorporate elements from the backgrounds below into your actual space, I’ve included links to my favorite bookish decor. (Unfortunately, the puppy isn’t available though. Sorry.)

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase something through a link I may make a few cents at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the blog!

“Is that a Hobbit Hole?!?”

This is the excited response I get when I move out of the direct line of the camera for a moment. Surprise your audience with a themed backdrop of nerdy decor!

Hobbit Hole Zoom Background

Download the full size image here.

For the dog lovers…

Download the full size image here.

Create this, or a similar look:

  • Hobbit Hole ArtIllustore on Society6 sells fabulous Harry Potter, Hobbit, and other literary themed art. This seller will also do commissioned pieces, such as the art above my couch. Having found the Hobbit print by Illustore, I contacted the artist to ask for some modifications and reorientation of the drawing. She sent me a digital file which I then had printed on a canvas.
  • Book Pillows & Blanket BrassingtonHollow on Etsy, sells pillows that look like books as well as matching book cover blankets. She also will do commissioned work, such as the blanket covering my couch. I chose the book covers, background cover, and pattern, and she sent me a digital mock-up before making the final product. Choose your favorite book/s for your own space!
  • Hobbit Door Floor Pillow – The Hobbit floor pillow comes from Society6 shop ikado. Society6 sells all sorts of prints on many different product types from independent artists. You may just find the perfect pillow to match your wall art!
  • Literary Tea Tins – NovelTea Tins on Etsy not only has great tasting tea, but they have tea tins that look like books! My favorite tea is their Pride and Peppermint. These tins are so popular that they often sell out, so you may have to keep checking back if they don’t have the one you’re after.
  • Ideal Bookshelf Bookends (not pictured) – Bibliophile Ceramic Bookends illustrated by Jane Mount found on Amazon
  • Book Print Dog BandanasNorthStarHounds on Etsy sells cute bandanas including ones in shelfie and bibliophile print.

The Home Library

Home Library Zoom Background

Download the full size image here.

For the dog lovers…

Home Library Zoom Background with Dog

Download the full size image here.

Create this, or a similar look:

Let’s chat!

What’s your Zoom background look like? What are your favorite bookish decor items? Are you good at interior design? Have suggestions for my room? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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Home Library Zoom Backgrounds Pin

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