If We Were Having Coffee & Apple Pie

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My favorite book blogger, The Perpetual Page Turner, has a reoccurring post series called If We Were Having Coffee and I thought I’d borrow her format for this post. So grab your favorite cuppa and join me! If we were having coffee and apple pie, I’d tell you… I’ll actually have tea instead, thanks. English

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Royal Delft Blue Pottery & Holland’s Favorite Bunny

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You know that tea set your grandmother has? The porcelain white one decorated with images painted in blue- probably windmills? The one she won’t let you touch because God-forbid you might break something? Yeah that one. That’s probably because it’s precious Royal Delft Blue pottery. Delft Blue pottery has been manufactured in Delft since the

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Love & Vermeer in Delft

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The girl wore a vibrant blue coat over her floor length dress. She appeared to have just come inside to find a letter awaiting her on the table. Without even sitting down she had opened the letter and began to read. I felt I had caught her in a vulnerable moment. She was absorbed in

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A Search for Clarity at the Anne Frank House

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*Anne Frank named her diary Kitty and each entry is written in letter form. In a search for some clarity in seemingly similarly dark political times, I thought I’d try Anne’s technique. Dear Kitty, I spent last night lying awake revolving between fear and feeling sick to my stomach. My country has just elected a

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