Author Footsteps: Learn about Jane Austen in Bath

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Jane Austen never really liked Bath, and didn’t do much writing while living there. Despite her disdain, Bath has become one of the more popular destinations for Austen fans. Not only did Austen live in Bath for a time, but she also set scenes in the city in several of her novels. Despite recognizing the absurdity of memorializing the author in a place she was happy to leave, I spent some time visiting several locations in Bath related to Austen and her brilliant heroines, starting with the Jane Austen Centre.

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Literary Destination: A Bear Called Paddington

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Hopped up on caffeine from the piping hot English Breakfast Tea I’d readily accepted from the airline steward with a sexy British accent, I was wide awake. Rather than sleep on the plane, I’d instead chosen to spend the early hours of the morning watching the live action Paddington Bear movie and sipping black tea poured from an actual tea kettle being carried down the plane isle.

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Travel Geocaching

In my last post I discussed Geocaching in my own backyard. While ‘caching not only gets you out exploring your own backyard, it also incentivizes caching in new states and countries. For each new state of the US or country you Geocache in, your Geocaching account receives a digital souvenir, a further incentive to try

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Exciting Announcement!

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I self-published a book!!  With encouragement from my grandfather, who insisted that it is frustrating to read about my travels backwards (as you readers may understand, because the most recent blog posts top each other), I have self published my England blog posts in book form! Now dear readers, you too can read about my

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Travel Log: London Travel Tips

This entry is part 23 of 25 in the series Literary London & Enid Blyton's Dorset

Are you thinking about traveling to London?    Here are my retrospective travel tips: 1. Have an accessible notepad to write down recommendations for sights and restaurants you may gain from locals. (Don’t miss that delicious restaurant because you couldn’t remember the name!) 2. The Citymapper app will tell you everything you need to know about

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