A Suitcase Full of Books Receives Impact Fund Little Free Library

A Suitcase Full of Books has been selected as a recipient of an Impact Fund Little Free Library. A library kit, box of books, and stand have arrived. With a little paint and construction, the new library will be opened this coming summer!


#WorldBookDay 2016: Where will books take you?

The lengths book nerds go for books. Am I right? I mean, I’ve been wearing a hardhat to work for the past couple years. The historical collections library where I work is nearing the end…

Literary Destination: Kenwood Estate, Home of Dido Elizabeth Belle

Visit Kenwood Estate at Hampstead Heath, London, England. It was the home of Dido Elizabeth Belle, a mixed-race child adopted and raised by an aristocratic family at the height of the slavery debate in England. Today Kenwood House is an art museum free to the public, and the grounds provide community park space. My favorite room was, of course, the library.

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