A Non-Political Book List for Washington D.C.

This non-political book list for Washington DC will provide thrillers and history that will get you touring the National Mall!

London Literary Sites For Book Lovers

All book lovers should visit these top London literary sites. Find statues of your favorite characters, sit in Sherlock’s study, and much more!

From Avalon to Glastonbury

Follow King Arthur to the Island of Avalon, or Glastonbury and discover how Glastonbury’s Abbey, Tor, Chalice Well are all connected to Arthurian legends.

A Book Blogger Bookshelf Tag

With this book blogger bookshelf tag I’m sharing some of the books on my bookshelf and the travel memories they represent.

Skip Walden (In All Forms). Just Go Outside.

Rather than trying to find Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond through the game, book, or place, just go outside and find your own Walden.

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