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Jane Austen Centre Bath

Author Footsteps: Learn about Jane Austen in Bath

Jane Austen never really liked Bath, and didn’t do much writing while living there. Despite her disdain, Bath has become one of the more popular destinations for Austen fans. Not only did Austen live in Bath for a time, but she also set scenes in the city in several of her novels. Despite recognizing the absurdity of memorializing the author in a place she was happy to leave, I spent some time visiting several locations in Bath related to Austen and her brilliant heroines, starting with the Jane Austen Centre.

Roman Baths

Finding Comfort Across the Globe: Bryson & The Roman Baths

I’d been feeling nervous and jittery, and beginning to wonder if I’d made an enormous mistake when 4 simple words dispelled my anxiety. Only hours ago I’d arrived in a new city, been introduced to twenty girls with whom I’d spend the next three weeks, and I’d retained the names of exactly zero so far. …

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