Plan the Perfect Jane Austen Pilgrimage

Plan the perfect Jane Austen pilgrimage to Steventon, Bath, Chawton, Winchester, and London. Find out what books to read, where to go, and how to get there.

Beckford’s Tower: Holiday in a Writer’s Retreat

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While some reclusive writers favor retreats hidden away, William Beckford instead built a tall tower everyone could see, with no inclination of inviting anyone inside. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat with a reading nook above the rooftops, the lower rooms of Beckford’s Tower are available for weekend rentals.

Preservation of a Bibliophile’s Retreat

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Have you ever thought about what goes into the preservation of the historic author museums we all love to visit? Let me tell you, so much more goes on behind the scenes than you’ll ever realize during your visit.

How to Have A Catherine Morland Day in Bath

If like me, you can’t visit Bath during the annual Jane Austen festival -I desperately would love to attend!- don’t worry! You can still get into character and spend the day pretending to be Catherine Morland.

Author Footsteps: Learn about Jane Austen in Bath

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Jane Austen never really liked Bath, and didn’t do much writing while living there. Despite her disdain, Bath has become one of the more popular destinations for Austen fans. Not only did Austen live in Bath for a time, but she also set scenes in the city in several of her novels. Despite recognizing the absurdity of memorializing the author in a place she was happy to leave, I spent some time visiting several locations in Bath related to Austen and her brilliant heroines, starting with the Jane Austen Centre.

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