Good Eats: Amish Country, Pennsylvania

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Amish bakers make the most mouthwatering goods. That’s a fact. If you’ve ever tried Amish baked apple bread, you know what I’m talking about. Thus, if you happen to find yourself within visiting distance of Amish Country Pennsylvania, here are a couple food locals where you should definitely eat: Lancaster’s Central Market We rolled into

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Amish Country for the Weekend

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While in the Pennsylvania vicinity, I thought my partner-in-adventure and I would spend a nice romantic weekend together in Amish Country. I envisioned buggy riding, eating delectable Amish-cooked food, and a stay in a quaint B&B. Some of you may have caught the error in my planning already. The weekend, while fun, did not turn

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Amish Country Wedding Venues

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No, we’re not in the stages of planning a wedding. We’re not even engaged. But, if we had been on a vacation to choose a wedding venue, we’d come to the right place. We had come for a romantic weekend getaway, but that’s speeding things up a bit too fast. While visiting Amish country we

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