While I’m between trips, I thought I’d share some (edited) posts I originally wrote while in school in Boston in 2009/10 on a now defunct blog (read at most by only three family members). Inspired by The Year of 52 Adventures, I made a point of using my weekends to explore much of what Boston had to offer. I fell in love with Boston, so if you happen to find yourself in Boston, perhaps these posts will lead to your own love affair…

Frog Pond in summer

One of my favorite spots in Boston is the Frog Pond in the middle of the Commons. It’s often busy with a seasonal activity, but sometimes it’s just quiet enough to provide a reflective stop in the middle of my walk across the commons.

I had heard that during the winter the Frog Pond is turned into an ice rink and as I love skating, I’d decided this was a MUST DO winter activity. I grabbed a couple of friends from my dorm and we headed to the Boston Commons. We obtained entrance and skate rental tickets for $13.

The day was perfect! The sun was out, but it wasn’t terribly cold either. Once inside we put on our skates, gloves, and earmuffs, and joined the skaters on the ice.


I glided around the frozen pool as ’90’s pop songs blared from the skate rental booth. Luckily it was not too crowded. We had picked the middle of the day on a weekday in the hopes that kids would be in school and we wouldn’t have the weekend throng of Bostonians.

We had a lot of fun and I’d definitely recommend putting this on the bucket list if you happen to be spending a winter in Boston!

What are your favorite local winter activities?

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