Books to read before visiting Oregon

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Shakespeare and Company by Sylvia Beach

You may be wondering why this book is appearing here under Newport, Oregon rather than Paris France. While the book is named after and about the bookstore in Paris, it is the book’s author and her place in literary history that is relevant here. The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon has been named after the author and each room has been decorated based upon a different author, many of whom passed through Beach’s bookshop in Paris.

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Murder at Yaquina Head (Thomas Martindale Mysteries Book 1) by Ron Lovell

Ron Lovell is a local Newport author who has written a number of cosy mysteries that take place in the area. This book is a fun, easy, vacation read, especially if you’re familiar with Newport.

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Ramona Quimby and Portland

Portland, Oregon is quite proud of its local author, Beverly Cleary. She used Portland’s Klickitat Street as the home of her little heroine Ramona. Today if you visit Portland, not only can you walk the street on which Ramona and her friends and family “lived”, but you can find a park where some of Cleary’s fictional characters are depicted in bronze. After reading Cleary’s Ramona books, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Walking with Ramona at Portland’s famous Powell’s bookstore when you visit. It’ll help you locate all the sites in Portland Cleary put in her books.

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